The importance of your leadershipPosted by On 19 August, 2019

The importance of your leadership:

​The basis of a healthy relationship between you and your dog lies in YOUR LEADERSHIP.

We tend to confuse leadership with rudeness or hard hand. We also tend to be afraid that by having leadership with him, we lose our great connection or love us less.
Let’s not forget that the nature of a dog is to live in a pack and in a pack there is a leader and followers.

We know that you love your dog and want to kiss him and cuddle him all day but by putting this as a priority you are creating a dependency and unhealthy anxiety with him affecting his natural balance.

Being a leader does not mean punishing or bribing with prizes. It means projecting firm and calm energy that dogs perceive and associate with balance and harmony.
If you want a well-behaved dog, YOU have the responsibility to create it. All dogs can be corrected, it is only a matter of you dedicating your time and informing yourself well about what things you should do and stop doing.

At the moment I give you these behaviors that César Millán advises that we should avoid 100% in your dog so that it becomes less dominant:

-He must not enter or leave the house first.
-It shouldn’t jump you or anyone else when you get home.
– He must not cry if he separates from you.
-You should not be possessive with your stuff.
-You should not get on your bed to wake up.
-You must forbid him to bark endlessly.
-Prohibit you from being aggressive with other people or other dogs.
-Never give him affection if he is scared, anxious, possessive, dominant, aggressive, etc.

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